Social Responsibility

We have a longstanding company and family commitment to making a meaningful contribution in the communities in which we live, work and play. We are active members of our local community and support to a range of organisations via our social responsibility initiatives. We extend our positive impact through our registered not-for-profit / social enterprise that’s dedicated to advocacy, innovation and education that aligns wellbeing and health promotion principles to accelerate positive change both locally and across the globe.

“Together through property we’re a force for good.”

Here are some­­ organisations and initiatives we support:

Linking Schools and Early Years

The Linking Schools and Early Years (LSEY) project took a Platforms approach to enable communities to work together and provide a continuum of learning and support for children and their families. By working together, in a community partnership approach, communities were able to create learning environments and opportunities that were responsive to individual children and their families.

Somers Arts Fair

The Arts Fair is Somers Primary School’s most important annual fundraising event. It was established in 2003 to highlight the wealth of talented artists and creative people in our community, to foster interest in various art forms and to bring the community together for a wonderful family-orientated day.

Wellbeing and Health Organisation

The Wellbeing and Health Organisation (Australia) is not-for-profit collaboration for advocacy, innovation and education. Wellbeing and Health is dedicated to aligning evidence-informed wellbeing and health principles, practices and resources to accelerate safe, just and fair change in local communities and across the globe. They champion Wellbeing & Health for Me & We, Place & Planet.

Somers Yacht Club

Somers Yacht Club is located within a beautiful bush foreshore setting offering spectacular views of Western Port and great sailing waters that include reliable onshore southerlies off Bass Strait. Established in 1963 following meetings with the community, 100 people expressed interest in forming a sailing club. The site was chosen, and lease negotiated. Volunteers built the club house and established the club. Today the club remains a volunteer club. It is a club for members run by members who all have a part to play in maintaining the sailing program, social program and ensuring the future of the club.

Somers Tennis Club

Founded in 1929, with two asphalt courts on Shire Council land at Garden Square, Somers Tennis Club has provided social and strong competition tennis to the community. The spectacular surroundings are the envy of many, and the Club is delighted to be able to offer outstanding facilities for both social and serious tennis players, as well as the many community members who make regular use of the clubhouse. New members are always welcome.

Womin Djeka Balnarring

A community festival where the community can gather to share, begin conversations and walk with First Peoples. The festival welcomes everyone who is interested in honouring and celebrating Indigenous cultures.